Access to financial services for the unbanked in emerging markets

About AirToken

AirToken is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 digital utility token that facilitates the transfer of mobile airtime, data and currency, as well as payments for goods and services, with minimal friction and fees. A peer-to-peer network connects lenders around the world to borrowers in developing countries using AirTokens (AIR).

A third of the world’s population is unbanked or underserved by traditional financial services

Over 2 billion people do not have bank accounts making it almost impossible to get access to financial services.

Source: World Bank Group

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Access to financial services can be attributed to poverty—but it’s not the only reason.

Source: World Bank Group

Most of the world’s unbanked are in emerging markets in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Source: World Bank Group

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There is an opportunity to provide lower-income individuals with mobile services, as smartphone prices have decreased since 2012.

Source: GSMA

Providing the unbanked with financial services has a $90 billion annual market potential, with more than 85% of the opportunity in Brazil, India, and Mexico alone.

Source: Accenture

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AirTokens enable the transfer of capital from peer-to-peer lending to users of the Android app

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Android app launch in Brazil - DONE

  • Multiple payment and deposit options integrated
  • AirTokens gained from sponsored advertising
  • Microloans available for qualified users without needing traditional credit scores
  • Peer-to-peer money transfers
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Lending dApp launch

  • Know-your-customer and AML screening
  • Dashboard to track performance
  • Bundled loan products
  • Peer-to-peer loan matching

Additional app features

  • More integrations for purchases and deposits
  • Loyalty program
  • Financial education and advising
Piggy Bank

International expansion

  • Latin America, Asia, and Africa
  • Remittances
  • Underbanked in US and Europe

Expanded financial services

  • Savings accounts
  • Debit and/or credit cards
  • Improved credit scoring algorithms
  • Collateralized loans
  • Retirement accounts and lines-of-credit
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Airfox was founded in 2016 by ex-Googlers Victor Santos and Sara Choi. Airfox quickly established itself as the leader in affordable data plans for US-based prepaid wireless carriers. Incubated at Harvard’s Innovation Lab, Airfox is a TechStars Boston alum and venture backed by several leading organizations. In 2017, Airfox successfully completed an ICO supported by 2,500 people who believe in the mission.


Victor Santos

Co-Founder, CEO

James Seibel


Emanuel Moecklin

Chief Software Architect

Christine To

VP of Business Operations

Andrew Wang

Director of Operations



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Sara Choi

Co-Founder, Airfox

Jennifer Lum

Co-Founder, Forge.AI

Semyon Dukach

Managing Partner, One Way Ventures

Bob Mason

Co-Founder, Brightcove

Wan Li Zhu

VC, Fairhaven Capital

Amy Spurling

Former COO & CFO, Jana

Steven Lee

Former VP & CTO, Tremor Video

Ben Perry

SVP of Monetization, MocoSpace

Peter Kavounas

CCO, Cloud Strategix



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